Red Skin Marks with no Skin Welts

by Anonymous

My 19 year old son was diagnosed with dermographism by a dermatologist. After having researched this condition, I personally feel that he does not have the dermographism skin condition. My reason for thinking he does not have dermographism is that when you scratch the skin on his back (for example), it will stay red in the pattern of the scratching but it does not welt up or hive up. Is this dermographism even though the skin does not rise up and form welts? It really only stays red. Thank you.

Thank you for your question. It is difficult to go against the actual diagnosis from a dermatologist and so your son likely has the dermographism skin condition. However, I have the following comments and observations. Although, skin welts, skin hives, or raised skin are the usual dermographism symptoms, it is possible to have this skin condition without the skin forming welts with scratching or pressure being applied to the skin. Several readers and posters to this website have indicated this.

When treating dermographism with antihistamines, what often happens is that the antihistamines suppress the swelling of the skin when it is scratched, etc., but red marks on the skin still form. This is what I have experienced with my dermatographism skin problem. Your son may be experiencing something similar. There may not be enough histamine in his body to form the welts and therefore only the red skin marks appear.

A final note, in my case the antihistamine treatment, like was mentioned earlier, only suppressed the skin welts and itching. I was not able to eliminate the red skin marks. Therefore, if the redness is the only symptom that your son is experiencing, then he likely does not require any treatment.

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