Scabies Caused Dermographism Hives and Welts?

by Alia

I am a 32 year old mother of 3. Just recently, about 2 weeks ago, I developed itching around my hairline and it soon progressed to itchy bumps all over my upper body, especially my hands. I called and asked my physician for a cream for scabies, which I've had before and thought was causing this itching. After the treatment I realized that if I would bump or rub my skin, a large welt would appear and THEN the itching would begin!

At this point I really don't know which was coming first, the itching or if the itching was the result of the welt forming. I went online and started searching for reasons for welts, and hives, and came across this site. I'm terrified that this may be what is happening and I remember when I was a kid being able to "write" my name on my skin and on two occasions I had horrible swelling of one lip for no apparent reason. The allergist my parents took me to had no reason for it either.

Could this be something that I had as a child and is now resurfacing? Could it have been triggered by scabies or is it possible that I assumed it was scabies and it's been this all along? It all seemed to start on my head/scalp. Is it normal to get these itchy welts on your head? Any extra information you can give me would be greatly appreciated! Also, any clinical studies or more informative websites would be great too!

The cause of dermographism is not definitely known and a number of factors can initiate its development. Is is too difficult to diagnose whether your past condition was scabies or dermographism. Dermographism can last a long time and so you may have had it as a child and now is resurfacing once again. If it was scabies, could it have triggered dermographism? Well basically, your body itches due to an allergic reaction to the burrowed mites in your skin. Therefore, it is conceivable that scabies could have triggered this histamine related skin condition. Dermographism commonly develops after allergic reactions to insect bites such as wasp or bee stings. I believe in my case this was the primary reason for getting dermographism.

With respect to your scalp question, hives and welts can form anywhere pressure is applied. I have not heard of the scalp being affected too many times, usually when we talk about the head being affected it is the face and neck.

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