Scratching Her Face

by Grandmother247/365
(Jacksonville NC )

My three year old grand daughter (I have custody of the child) has been diagnosed with Dermographia or Dermatographism. It took a while but we finally got a diagnosis of the problem. We were actually going crazy trying to figure out why she went berserk when you put on her shirt. She was scratching her nose and face all day long. Dressing is a chore. Even the loosest and lightest of clothing seems to trigger the itching and now the seatbelt horror makes sense i.e. the pressure of the belt on her skin causing the problem to flare up. Sometimes welts are present sometimes without. She was prescribed Zyrtec but it doesn't seem like its working very well or at all.

My granddaughter is most comfortable without clothing. However, she starts preschool soon and she will be required to wear clothes of course. So this is not a viable treatment option. My heart hurts for her.

I have a few questions below and would appreciate some answers if possible.

1. What can I do for immediate itch relief? Cooling spray? Any suggestions?

2. Are there any fabrics more comfortable than another?

3. Why types of sunscreen and insect repellent can I use in the summer?

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Sep 07, 2016

by: Moderator

I believe immediate relief basically comes in the form of antihistamines. You may have to experiment to find the right one, but check with a doctor. Stronger doses than over the counter antihistamines may be required. Cool compresses or Calamine lotion may help.

I would go with light cotton fabrics, those that stay cool and don't irritate the skin. Keeping the body cool helps with the symptoms.

I have no real suggestions for sunscreen or insect repellent. You just have to make sure ones are chosen that do not trigger or irritate the condition.

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