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Dermatographism skin hives causes are difficult to determine, making this skin condition a very frustrating one for those that have it. The dermographism hives cause may be due to one factor or a combination of several different factors. The variety of hives causes are illustrated in the reader submissions that are presented below.

Hormone Related Dermatographism

by Michelle (UK)

I got this condition as a teenager. It drove me mad. I lost whole nights of sleep with the itching and then it stopped at around 20 years old. Now I am 42 and it has suddenly come back big time, only this time I think I can pin down the skin hives causes. I recently had a medical procedure which confirmed that I hit an early menopause in my early twenties and have just started a mild hormone treatment to rebalance things. It seems to me that puberty set it off the first time and this new surge of hormones is doing it again. There isn't much research in this area but I think a link will be discovered at some point, at least to some cases.

Dermographism Triggered by Dryness and Cold Temperatures

by Rose (New Zealand)

I got Dermographism while on an exchange in Finland when I was 18 and I am now 21. One day I just got it, but at first I thought it was bed bugs or mites. Weirdly, my host sister had it too (14 yrs old), triggered by extreme dryness plus cold temperatures and of course other stuff. I don't mind it at all, the itching is kind of annoying but Razene gets rid of the itch. The skin markings are a good party trick.

Dermographism after Becoming Pregnant

by Mary (Shiloh, Il)

I developed dermographism when I was pregnant with my first child. After having my son, it went away. When I became pregnant with my second son it came back. After his birth it did not go away. I tried Atarax for urticaria, welts, hives, or dermatograhism but it made me sleepy. I am presently taking Zyrtec and it seems to keep the worst of the symptoms away. When I am under a lot of stress is when it seems to appear the most.

By: Anonymous

When you were pregnant and had dermographism, did you take any medication? I also suffer with this and I am pregnant. I have used Hydroxyzine before for about a year to help with the symptoms and it has worked. I was wondering if you continued throughout you pregnancy?

Dermatographism Not Hereditary - Yeah Right

by Jayme (Iowa)

I have suffered from dermographism for more than ten years and was told that it was a stress induced condition. I was also told that the skin hives cause was not a hereditary one. However my one year old daughter started showing the condition at one month.

By: Anonymous

I have been suffering with it my whole life, and my niece was just diagnosed with it. Genetics is definitely one of the dermographism skin hives causes.

Refined Foods and Skin Hives

by Junior (Canada)

I have had this skin condition now for at least ten years. I do not know when it started but I did the usual treatment things and took antihistamines. That helped for a while, but your body gets used to it.

What I have found for me is that my rashes are directly related to what I eat. If I eat anything white (white sugar, bread, flour, rice, etc.) I break out pretty badly. So, I have switched to whole grain bread, organic cane sugar, and whole wheat flour. Now, I only break out about once a week, instead of two or three times a day.

Anyway, I thought I would share this skin hives causes information since it might help others deal with their dermatographism problem. Have a great day!

Dermatographism Skin Hives Causes and Mast Cells

by Chris (Colorado)

I developed dermatographism shortly after receiving my flu shot last fall. From the stories I have read, my case is relatively mild; however, it is embarrassing when my symptoms flare and my face turns blotchy and red. My doctor called it a “non-problem, problem”, meaning that it sucks because your face turns red and you itch, but there’s nothing that can be done to fix it. After doing some research on the topic, I think that the skin hives cause has to do with the mast cell.

Originally, I convinced myself that I was simply making a correlation between the timing of my flu shot last fall and the symptoms of dermatographism. Now that I understand the role of the mast cell in dermatographism and that mast cells are part of the immune system, it makes more sense to me that my flu shot could have been the cause of my dermatographism.

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