Skin Hives Rash

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Raised Red Scratch Marks

I am 29 and I have this skin hives rash. Every time I went to the doctor to describe what was happening, it seemed my rash/hives would decide to go into hiding and the doctor would look at me like I was crazy. However, I knew the long red rash marks and hives on my face were not all in my head.

The doctor did try to help by first prescribing me an antibiotic, which didn't help and I was recently prescribed a cream for Eczema (which is also not working). I am about to go insane with frustration.

As I type, I have itching and raised red "scratch marks" on my right knee and also on my arm. It is bewildering but I am so glad to read the other submissions and know that I am not crazy. Unfortunately, because I am unable to take antihistamines, I do not know if that would work.

However, I was recently diagnosed with shingles (which causes a burning sensation on the skin and then blistering) and some of you have described symptoms similar to that of shingles. I wonder if the two could be related.


Skin Hives Rash Problem

I have now found what I have by reading this story. I noticed when my second son was born that my skin would mark and raise really easy. I can write my name on my skin surface and it will stay raised for a long time. My boss said to me one day what are those red marks on your chest - my skin had been itching and I scratched, but I did not realize how the skin hives rash looked. This was very embarrassing. So, I went to the doctor and I came away from there feeling more embarrassed. My son is now nearly six and thanks to your story there is an explanation for my raised skin hives rash.

Last night someone at my sister’s house said, “What are those red marks on your arm?” I had just been sitting in the garden with my arms on the chair and my skin was raised and marked with the little pressure from the chair arm. It is still really embarrassing for people to notice this and I feel like crawling into a hole. I have not yet dealt with this embarrassing raised skin hives rash, but I am going to visit another doctor with some knowledge and get the treatment that I need. Thanks.


Diagnose with Dermatographism Hives

My son David was diagnosed with dermagraphism hives or raised skin hives rash over a year ago but has only ever been given Piroton. He was 12 when he first started and now at 14 it has only gotten worse. He has been bullied a lot at school because of it. It has really affected him because something as simple as putting his hands in his pockets make his hands red and itchy, so he never wears jeans and I have recently sent him to school in black jogging bottoms as the school pants irritated him and caused the raised hives rash. The school rang me to complain and they excluded him from classes. When I went in to talk to them about his dermographism they just said they had never heard of it, so I had to get our doctor to write to them.

He deals with the raised hives on a day to day basis and as the weather gets warmer he gets worse and has to sleep with the window wide open which helps a lot.


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