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The dermatographism skin itch symptom is one of the most common symptoms experienced by people suffering with the dermatographism skin problem. Some itchy skin symptom descriptions are provided below from individuals who have this skin condition.

Itchy Red Marks on Skin

by Joshua

I just found out I have dermatographism. It was last year when I started getting concerned about these itchy red marks - I started itching LIKE CRAZY! Every time it is cold or when I get goosebumps I get itchy. I started taking Zyrtec and the skin itch symptom stopped but when I do scratch there is still a mark on my skin but not too puffy. My dad said that he used to get itchy when he was a kid and now it is gone. I hope mine goes away too!

Irritating Skin Itch Symptom at Night

by Liida
(Canada, SK)

I actually woke up to search for this skin condition. It really is bothersome. I get awaken in the middle of the night by it. I really can't help it and it irritates me so much. I am literally itching myself to death. I get bumps all over my body and it only happens in the night for me. I have had this condition since I was eight years old. I wish there was a cure. This is so irritating!!!

Annoying Itchy Skin Symptom Problem

by Cindy 
(New Mexico)

I have this dermographism hives skin problem and it drives me nuts!! It normally starts when I go to sleep or when my body gets cold and I get chills. I normally get these skin itch symptom rashes along my thighs and gluteus! It is very annoying because once I do the first scratch I cannot stop scratching. If I do not scratch the itch it gets very stressful and sometimes even my skin and muscles try to get rid of the itching. It is that bad!! I am going to try out the vitamin C and the noni juice and see if they work. I did not suffer from this itchy skin problem until after my second pregnancy which is even weirder. If anyone has any tips or more information on this PLEASE let me know, it would mean a lot.

Itchy Red Blisters from Scratching

by Kat

I think my problem started after using swimming pools and saunas for a year, hair colours, bubble baths, etc. For several weeks now, I have been scratching all over my body and with each scratch my skin turns into blisters and flaming red. I did take tablets for hives that did work while I was taking them but the skin itch symptom started again when I stopped taking them. I am in agony and my body looks like I have been whipped. Although it goes down after half an hour, I soon start scratching again. I will start to take the tablets again but I know that when I stop taking them the skin itchy symptoms will start again.

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Itchy Skin Hives on Neck, Not Hickies

by Jim
(Indianapolis, Indiana, USA )

As a 19 year old boy with dermographism, I have had dermographism for about 11 years now, and as a kid, it was not pleasant when my friends realized that they could draw on me with paper clips. Now that I am in college a new problem has occurred. I have always been careful not to scratch my skin unnecessarily, but sometimes when I take off my shirt to change clothes it irritates my neck leaving long itchy hives. If I am not careful changing clothes (in a hurry or late for class) everyone thinks these red marks on my neck are hickies! It is embarrassing and usually leads to many awkward stares. I have tried to explain that it is a skin condition and that it will go away, however people just think I am making it up because I am embarrassed about having a hickey. This site has convinced many of my peers that I am not telling a lie and that it is actually a real thing! Thank you!

Skin Itch Symptom after Bathing

by Rufai Akeem

I am very glad to have come across this forum. I have been suffering from this skin itch symptom for a long time now. I was always afraid to bathe because each time I would bathe my whole body would itch for 15 minutes, seriously! I could remember that I cried sometimes and wondered what the hell the infection was. I was happy to read on this site today that it is not a serious case.

I am happy to say that I can happily enter into the bath recently without problems afterwards and I do believe it is the result of a few herbs I came across, but my body still itches when in bed or when it is too cold.

I got a solution which I have tried once but too weird to continue with. If I do not have any other options, I will try the solution for a few days more and give you feed back on how it worked. If it works great, I will share the information with you all. It is weird and I bet you might not like to do it. I will get back to you.

Skin Hives and Constant Itchy Skin Symptom

by Jennifer

Hi! I am a 28 year old female and developed dermatographism suddenly two years ago. My arm itched, I scratched it and noticed raised bumps. I thought it was poison ivy except it disappeared. By that night, no matter what touched my skin, I had hives. Driving gave me hives on my hands, all my clothing gave me hives, washing my hair gave me hives on my head and hands, cleaning my ears, rubbing my eyes, etc., all gave me skin hives.

I went to the doctors and they repeatedly scratched me to see the effect (seriously nine doctors came in to see). After that I was given antihistamines which helped me sleep. The break outs lasted three and a half months with constant hives. Then out of nowhere it stopped. No more skin itch symptoms and no more hives. A year and two months after the first break out I had another one which lasted about 6 to 8 weeks. Now my skin is just terribly itchy. I haven't had any hives in the last two weeks but the intense skin itch symptom is still there! It is nice to know that I am not alone and other people have information and advice.

Hives, Itching, and Scratching of Dermatographism

by Nicole
(Philly PA)

My dermographism does not really bother me. I itch and hive and itch and scratch but I don't even notice it. I think it bothers people around me more. Everyone who I know always says 'stop scratching' like a parent would to a child. I am 28 years old and I know the hives do not look so good but if I stop touching it, in 10 minutes or so they go away.

If I have an itch I am going to scratch. I always say 'how would you feel if you had poison ivy and I told you not to touch it?' It is kind of weird how the hives don't bother me considering I like my hair and makeup to look good before I walk out of the door but if I have burn looking scratch marks on my face, SO WHAT! Let them stare I say. It is nothing to worry about.

Now sometimes I get a bad episode I can't get rid of and it makes me itch until I draw blood and that stinks but sometimes it takes a little mind power to ignore the skin itch symptom until it subsides.

Some flip flops bother me or jewellery but life could be worse. If I had to pick a disease, this would be the one.

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