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Stress is a likely cause of dermatographism stress skin hives. A survey of dermatographism sufferers at indicates that many feel that stress is the source of their hives problem. About 22 percent of 500 responders indicated that they feel that a stressful event or constant daily stress in general caused their dermatographism. This is well above any other cause listed in the survey. The next highest cause is an allergic reaction to food or drink and this came in at about 11 percent. In addition, the dermatographism survey asked the responders what they feel triggers a hives outbreak. Once again stress was at the top of the list with 26 percent saying they get dermatographism type hives as a result of being under stress.

Below are some testimonials from some dermatographism sufferers where stress is mentioned as a key factor in the development of their skin problem.

Stress Caused Dermographism

by Geraldine (Brazil)

I just woke up one day with dermographism stress skin hives. I was under a lot of stress and the doctor told me that it could have been the cause of the Dermographism. I am currently taking some medications that help to relieve some of the symptoms. They say it can become a chronic disease but I am trying to be less stressed and so I am confident that this skin disease will go away soon. At least I hope!

Surgery Stress and Dermographism

by Cindy (United States)

I am a 47-year-old female. I just found out that I have Dermatographism about two weeks ago. I had back surgery in October of 2009 and a recent surgery on my foot. My doctor said most likely that I contracted this skin hives problem because of my surgeries and antibiotics that they put me on and of course the stress involved in the whole process.

For treatment, I am on three different antihistamines to control the dermographism symptoms. I am not sure what I can do or not do with this skin problem. Can I color my hair? What lotions should I use? Can I drink a glass of wine? What about sex? If anyone has any input to give me I would be forever thankful!

Dermographism and Stress Skin Hives 

by Krista (United States)

I was diagnosed at the age of four (1974) with a "we don't know what this is, but for some reason she makes more histamine than she should. Treat with Atarax when she needs it"

After more than 30 years, it is good to know there is a name to this skin hives problem! My episodes come and go normally around stressful times. I have found relief from antihistamines (Benadryl) but I can tell when a fit is coming on, normally in my hands. I do my best just to not start the scratching.

When I was small, I used to break out mostly everywhere after my mom would dry me off after coming out of the tub. I have learned that blotting dry works better than rubbing (which is what she would do).

My daughter who is now 17 also experiences this, also when she is stressed. The less stress I have, the less my skin breaks out in the stress skin hives.

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