Tattoos with Dermographism 

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Whether you can get tattoos with dermographism is an interesting question since with any applied pressure the skin welts up. This rising of the skin may affect the quality of the tattoo. Some information is provided below for those dermatographism sufferers considering getting a tattoo.

Tattoos with Dermographism and Healing of Tattoo

by Aine (Ireland)

I have suffered from this for about eight years. I first noticed it after I got blood poisoning! I got an injection into my hand which moved and caused the medicine to freeze and I think the trauma to the skin caused the dermographism. It doesn't bother me much but I find I scar a lot easier now and if my boyfriend bumps my lip by mistake I get a white bump on it for ages! The boys in my class in school thought it was hilarious and would write things on my arm knowing that if I washed off the word it would still be there in the form of raised skin. I am wondering about getting tattoos and dermographism and if it would affect the healing of a tattoo since I want to get one day. I am too afraid that my skin will not heal properly.

By: Forest

If you are considering getting tattoos with dermographism, I would recommend talking to your doctor, he/she will know what to do. There are medications that work for some people and he/she might recommend those. And the guys in my class use pencils to scratch words like 'hi' or 'this is awesome' or '_____ was here and left his/her mark'. Since that started happening, I just wear long sleeves.

Dermatographism and Tattoos

by Jennifer (PA)

I have an undiagnosed case of dermatographism. I just deal with it because quite frankly it's not as bad as some. The most annoying part is dealing with the questions when someone else notices it.

I've had this issue for some time now, for about five years, and have gotten tattoos since then. I didn't have any problems with tattoos and dermographism while the tattoo(s) was going on (some of them took upwards of two hours or more) but I did and still have one issue.

Almost all my tattoos are black and white. I have one color tattoo and that goes against the grain of what I have to say, it doesn't follow suit with my other tattoos. There will be times (less now that they are older tattoos) where the skin where the ink has been embedded will itch like it's nobody's business! This happened frequently with two of the tattoos that I have that were done at the same time, in different locations (upper back and inside left arm). Scratching doesn't help it but rather just makes it worse. If you can endure it, at the end of the five to ten minutes it will stop.

I have a total of six tattoos. One is color but was done after I got this, one was done in my youth (before I turned 25 and had this condition). Another one before I got this skin condition, and three black tats after. The three black ones after the fact are the only ones affected.

Getting Tattoos with Dermographism Skin Condition

by Sarah (United States)

I have had dermatographism for about eight years now and use antihistamines to control the effects of this. Can I get tattoos with dermographism?

The process of tattooing may irritate the skin and cause a flare-up. However, this should only be temporary. I have not heard of the dye or the process causing any chronic flare-ups afterwards other than the experience of one individual as written above. However, everyone is different and therefore I recommend that you check with your doctor or dermatologist before getting a tattoo, just in case.

Tattoos with Dermographism

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