Temperature Change Itchy Skin Rash

by Peter
(Gold Coast Queensland)

The rash I am experiencing comes and goes with changes in temperature. If the weather cools, the rash will go away but when the temperature raises the rash starts again. I have been suffering with this type of skin rash problem for five months. I have been to doctors and dermatologists. Biopsies and blood tests were done and all tests came back negative for allergies. The dermatologist had never seen a rash like mine before. I work outdoors and she suggested it was sun related and prescribed Diprosone. This medication worked at first but the rash returned a week and a half later. I continued using the Diprisone but it was not effective anymore.

The skin rash gets worse whether I am outdoors or not. If the temperature outside increases the itchiness starts up and overnight it dissipates, but in the morning as the sun comes up and the temperature starts to rise slightly, even if I am inside, I start to get itchy. Where my arms and the top of my hands are exposed to the sun I have red inflamed lines which appear after hot days. If I apply sunscreen this inflammation becomes more noticeable. I had a biopsy taken of this inflammation which returned negative.

The rash appears as small red spots and also in red rings mainly on the arms. If anyone has a similar rash it would great if they could share any way of curing or even identifying what is causing it. I am at a loss at the moment on how to rid myself of this. Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

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Feb 09, 2018
Treatment for Rash
by: Manraj

I have been experiencing the same thing but my rash disappears within a few minutes when I cool down under a fan or just put water on the affected skin area.

Jun 08, 2011
Same thing here! :(
by: Anonymous

This sounds the same as my skin problem. It is only on top of my right forearm and has been appearing for the past four years now, for every summer! During the winter if I am wearing a long sleeve shirt and get hot the skin rash will appear as well! Except one thing, my rash does NOT itch! The skin rash just gets warm to the touch and takes a few days to go away IF I stay cool for that time! Crazy! No one knows what type of skin rash mine is!

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