Heat Rash

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A heat rash is a skin condition that often occurs in the summer months. Summer weather is hot and often humid in many parts of the world and these are the prime conditions for the development of this type of skin rash or skin irritation. 

It can also develop in cooler weather when individuals get too hot because they are overdressed for the weather or they are wearing clothes that fit too tight and are not breathable.

This type of skin rash can be known by several other names as well, such as prickly heat, miliaria, sun rash, or even a sweat rash.

Heat Rash Symptoms

A miliaria rash occurs when excessive sweating occurs. The skin pores subsequently get clogged, no more sweating is possible, and the skin overheats. In terms of visible symptoms, this rash is characterized by the appearance of a cluster of red pimples with red skin surrounding them. A series of small blisters may also be present on the skin. The rash is often very itchy, prickly or may sting and burn quite significantly. The areas of the skin most often affected include the upper chest and neck, back, groin, under the breasts, and in the various skin creases or skin fold areas such as elbow and knee regions. Children, especially younger children, are usually affected more often than adults although an adult miliaria rash does occur in many people.

Prickly Rash from Heat Treatments

Prickly rash treatments are generally quite basic in nature and include simply cooling the skin and the body and keeping the affected skin areas dry and moisture free. Cool showers and light loose fitting clothing will help remedy the skin problem as well. In addition, staying out of the sun would also be a good idea to avoid irritating the affected skin once again. Seeking an air-conditioned environment is beneficial. In many cases, the prickly rash will disappear on its own in a short amount of time, if the basic advice given above is followed. Calamine lotion is a useful treatment to soothe the itch, but avoid any oil-based products because these may lead to additional skin pore clogging and prevent the heat rash healing process from occurring.

In more severe prickly heat or miliaria cases, infection or a more serious heat exhaustion condition is possible. For these cases, medical attention is required in order to treat the skin infection or more urgently to prevent death from the heat exhaustion condition.

The skin rash pictures page on this website provides additional skin rash information.

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