Vitamin C and Hives Treatment

by Chey

I was diagnosed with rectal cancer in 2007. In 2009, my 2 year check up showed I was completely clear and my doctor even said I was cured.

Some months later I developed a bladder infection and took Cipro after which I had hives all over my body for over a month at various times. They abated. This year I took Valtrex and the same thing happened. But worse. My body, feet and hands as well as my face which were swollen and my eyes slammed shut. I imagined, like many other things, that it was a result of how my body changed due to chemotherapy, and now reacts to things. I never had an allergic reaction before.

Not to bore you with how we got here, I started taking a multi vitamin which has 1000mg of vitamin C and 2 additional vitamin C supplements. That was a week ago. Today I am taking 6000mg C a day and I have been hive free for three days!!! Okay, so I think it is worth a try.

Signs and symptoms of scurvy - a vitamin C deficient disease - include rash, hives, heart problems, weakness etc. And most of us don't really ingest that much C anymore. Plus, for me, after the chemo I think I needed a boost. But try the C and I truly hope it works for you!

Note, check with your doctor before ingesting quantities of vitamins over the recommended daily allowance.


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Dec 10, 2010
Itch then Welts.
by: Anonymous

Everyone seems to talk about hives then the itching. I was told that I had dermatographism by a dermatologist recently. Out of the blue my skin itches like mad, I sctatch like mad then I get the welts. I do not know what this is. It started late summer.

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