Wart Removal and Warts Prevention

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Before discussing wart removal and the available wart treatments, it is necessary to discuss wart prevention strategies. By practicing proper wart prevention, a wart remedy may not be required at all because there will be no skin problem to treat.

For those already with a wart or two on their skin, paying attention to the various factors that lead to warts can help limit the amount of new warts that appear on the skin. This is important as it makes treatment much easier as compared to having to deal with multiple warts on different areas of the body.

The most basic prevention step is to avoid touching or rubbing your warts and if you do, it is a good idea to wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap afterwards.

Next, it is prudent to avoid direct skin contact with a wart on someone else’s skin.

Avoid sharing personal items with someone that has warts. For example, do not share towels, shoes, or socks.

Wear water shoes or flip-flops/sandals in shared shower areas, in public swimming pool change rooms, or in locker rooms.

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Wart Removal Tips

Many people try to pick at the wart as a method of removing the wart, but this is ineffective. All it does is promote the spreading of the wart virus to other parts of the body, possibly leading to the formation of more warts. Therefore, do not pick at warts.

Do not scratch warts. This will also cause the wart virus to spread and more warts may appear in the future.

In addition, picking and scratching a wart will open the skin surface, leading to bleeding and possibly complications such as an infection. As with any other cut or abrasion, it is a good idea to properly clean the wound and keep it clean to prevent viruses from entering the skin.

Avoid nail biting and hangnail picking. It has been shown that individuals who have these habits are more likely to develop skin warts.

Finally, it is recommended to treat the warts as soon as they appear. This will reduce the amount of time that the virus has to spread, as opposed to letting the wart sit on your skin for several months before pursuing wart removal or wart treatments.

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