Wearing Glasses Flares Dermatographism

by Anonymous

Is there anything I can do to prevent my glasses causing the demographic flaring up? I either can see or be in pain. I have tried contacts but cannot wear them all day.

Dermatographism flares up in individuals that are susceptible because of friction or pressure on the skin. When wearing glasses there are several pressure points such as on either side of the nose and behind the ears. Unfortunately, some pressure is required to keep the glasses firmly in place and at the correct viewing position, especially if wearing progressive lenses.

Possible solutions can be to wear the glasses looser, although this is likely not ideal. Perhaps getting grippier nose grips, such as silicon ones, can help because they grip well and require less pressure. Extra padding behind the years might help as well.

Note that in my case, it was not the pressure of the glasses causing the dermatographism flare up but rather the metal of the glasses frame contacting the skin behind the ears.

Other than the solutions above, you might have to go through a regiment of antihistamines to try and lessen the effects of dermatographism and hopefully push this skin condition into remission.

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