Welts and Raised Lines on Skin

by Anonymous

My daughter, all of a sudden in the last two days, has become very itchy and scratches so hard she is getting welts and raised lines on her skin from where she has scratched. Her back, neck, head, legs and arms, are all affected by this skin problem. This has been going on for two days now. It started at her Grandmother's house which has a lot of goodies and stuff. Can you let me know if she is doomed to live with this?

It sounds like your daughter does indeed have dermatographism, but I would check with a physician to confirm this and to look at treatment options. The definite causes for dermographism are unknown, but there are a lot of possible factors. I have not seen many reports of dermographism being triggered by a lot of sugary food, but that does not mean that in your daughter's case this was not the cause. It is also possible that she may have been exposed with some other allergen in her Grandmother's home.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for this skin condition. For some people the condition lasts a few years and then subsides. It is not unusual for the skin condition to last a couple of decades. For others it never goes away. It is too difficult to make a prediction on how the dermographism will proceed from now on. Hopefully, she can find a treatment that will relieve her symptoms and maybe she will be one of those lucky ones where the dermographism disappears as rapidly as it appeared and not too distant into the future.

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