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Seasonal Allergies Trigger Hives

My dermographia problem started while I was working outdoors last summer. I have typical seasonal allergies to grasses and cottonwood trees. However, last summer I started to itch all over and I noticed that wherever I scratched raised welts or hives, lines and tiny bumps would appear. At first I thought it was poison ivy, but it would not go away and it was showing up all over my body.

I really thought I was going crazy, but finally I saw an allergist and was diagnosed with dermographia after they did the scratch test. I have had it for a year now with no relief. I take 4x the regular dosage of Lortadine a day and it keeps the itching and welts or hives down, but the annoying red marks are ever present. I also used to take Hydroxyzine. It was very effective but made me very tired. I did try noni juice but I did not notice a change in my skin condition.

Corn Allergy and Dermographism

When I got an allergy test done, I did test positive for a corn allergy, but the doctor told me it was most likely an allergy to the pollen not actually corn. So I have been consuming corn the whole time. I think I am going to try to eliminate it and see if my condition improves. The problem is that corn or corn derivatives are in so many foods. Well that is my story, dermographia sucks and I hope someday it goes away.

Ivy – July 10, 2007

Itchy Dermographia

I started getting very itchy welts or hives on my skin about two years ago. I went to an allergist without success in diagnosing my condition. I have been taking Reactine for the symptoms and it seems to work as long as I do not miss a day.

My symptoms are that I get very itchy - my scalp, around my belt (where it touched my skin) and on my hands (tops of the hands). The welts start and then I itch them and the welts actually scar my hands. They eventually go away.

As long as I take Reactine I am fine (I need to take once a day). I hate this dermographia condition and wish there was something that could be done to permanently cure myself.

Eddie – June 30, 2007

Long-term Effects of Antihistamines

I have had this problem for over sixteen years and was not diagnosed until after several visits to different doctors. The last doctor I saw declared it to be Dermographia and hives. I am in good health otherwise. I had all the symptoms. She put me on Hydroxyzine (Atarax) at only twenty mg. a day. It did tend to make me a little drowsy the next morning and hard to get going. My doctor told me to experiment by adjusting the dosage. I have found that as little as ten milligrams a day taken around five o'clock pm allows it to wear off a little earlier and leaves no after affects in the morning. It eliminates the itching for the day and if it doesn't start up again, I will wait until the second day to take the Hydroxyzine.

Every doctor I have talked to assures me there are no serious side effects and this drug may be taken for a lifetime, safely. Those with this hives condition might want to consider asking their doctor about this drug. My son also takes Hydroxyzine with no drowsiness and, like me, with 100% results.

Cordell – June 27, 2007

Allergy Shots and Dermatographism

In December 2005, I began to itch very badly and break out into hives. I kept track of foods that I ate and saw my nurse practitioner that sent me to a dermatologist. He did the tic-tac-toe test and told me to go on Zyrtec, but never diagnosed me. I went to another doctor’s office and got a second opinion. I got a rast test and it was clear that I was allergic to dust mites.

I have been taking one allergy shot per week since July 2006. This has helped somewhat, but when I am stressed or hot, I itch. This past Sunday I was watering the flowers and had to come inside because it was so hot and I began to itch. It was burning and stinging, just like sun poisoning. I made an appointment with my doctor and he diagnosed me with dermographia. I have to take two Zyrtec each day (one at night and one in the morning) for the next month.

I have been using a Walmart brand of allergy medication, but it makes me drowsy. I have to take an antihistamine once a week for my allergy shot. I did tell him that from time to time, I would spray the itchy area with Benadryl spray, which works almost immediately. He says it is okay to do this, but the Zyrtec will eventually work because he has this too!

Try the Benadryl Spray. It will sting a little, but will work instantly!!!

Wendy – June 26, 2007

Food Allergy Triggers Dermographia

I woke up one night to discover rashes and hives on my biceps and shoulders. The rash extended in the direction of the scratching. I was worried because I had an allergy attack to peanuts and apples a few years ago and almost died from it. My Uncle, a doctor in the house, was of immense help. He identified the problem as dermographia and prescribed Cetrizine/Cetzine (Glaxo) and I have been on it for the last 10 years. The problem seems to be unnoticeable now.

Since I have been on the tabs for about 10 years now (I am 28), I wonder if there are any side effects to the tablets? I take 1 tablet every 2-3 days.

DD – June 23, 2007

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