Dust Mites and Dermographism?

by Christy

About a month ago my son started getting these welts on his skin and we couldn't figure out what was causing them. It would look like he just got slashed across his face. Then we realized that everytime he scratched himself his skin would welt up. He does have allergy induced asthma and when we are consistantly giving him his Zyrtec, it seems to be not as bad.

Today was the worst it has been. He was down stairs doing his homework lying on the floor in his room which is carpeted and he started itching. So I told him to take a shower and when he got out his head, back, and stomach where itching so bad. So I told him to get back in the shower and rinse off thinking maybe he didn't get all of the soap off. When he got out again the itching didn't stop and I put lotion on him and it still didn't help. Once I gave him his allergy meds, it gradually started getting better.

The only thing he had to eat so far today was cinnamon Life with 2% organic milk. This is nothing new to him. So do you have any ideas what could be causing this possible dermographism? One thing I was thinking of is possible "dust mites in the carpet?" Does this dermographism tend to be an allergic reaction to anything? So if you have any suggestions for me please let me know.

Because an exact cause for dermographism is not known, it really could be brought on by many different factors and often causes vary from individual to individual. The best causes information I can provide can be found at this dermatographism causes page.

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Jan 29, 2017
by: Anonymous

If he has dermatographia it could be the carpet pile pricking his stomach causing the hives. His hair touching his face could also do this.

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