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Severe Case of Dermographism

I had a severe case of Dermographism and hives and it is curable. After being diagnosed with this disorder in 1993, my doctor/allergist prescribed Seldane, an antihistamine, which is now off the market due to causing liver problems. At the advice of a friend, I visited a local MD/Homeopath named Dr. Franne Berez in Pittsburgh, PA USA. She concluded that my Dermographism and hives were caused in part by prolonged use over time of antibiotics (for ear and sinus infections) causing a breakdown of stomach and intestinal enzymes and/or good bacteria (I can't remember the exact term), which in turn, intensified allergic reactions to certain foods I consumed, causing my body to over-produce histamines, causing the Dermographism.

After prescribing a one-month cleansing diet, graduating from whey protein shakes to white rice and steamed vegetables and a remedy of sulfur, within a week ALL of my symptoms disappeared (itching, hives, welts, redness, etc.) and have not returned since! All without antihistamines!!! I encourage anyone suffering from Dermographism to look for a good homeopath or contact Dr. Berez personally to completely rid yourself from this disorder


Welts on Body

My 5-month-old son has dermographism. If you touch him he breaks out in a welt or hives. His clothes rubbing on him also cause hives. Everybody thinks that I have hurt him because they see the welts all over his body. He gets so many just from being picked up and sat down changing clothes and diapers and what not. I have to explain to them about his skin condition. It has been very hard and at first before I found out what it was I felt guilty. But now that we have found out that it is dermatographism, I am starting to research it to have a better understanding of what to do.


Dermographism and Fighting the Urge to Scratch

I never noticed my symptoms until about three years ago. I was going to the beach with some friends, we were in the store walking around when one of my friends asked me what happened to back of my arm. Just a few moments ago I had been scratching, I looked at the back of my upper arm to find welts or raised hives. I thought that I was having an allergic reaction to something and thought nothing else about it.

Two days later, when I arrived home, I talked to my mother who is a nurse about this rash that was making my skin irradiated. She told me that the welts or hives on my skin were nothing new and that since I was a baby I would scratch at my skin and welts would form. When I asked what I should do she told me do not scratch. So for the past three years I fought the urge to scratch, most times I would find myself doing it subconsciously. My friends would ask me what was wrong with my skin and I would tell them I had sensitive skin.

About six months ago, I was online looking around when I came across this website. Well not wanting to jump to any ideas I did lots of research, I went to my mother with my findings and talked to her. She took me to the doctor and what I was told was that I had dermographism. When asked if I wanted to try to treat it I told them no thank you. I figured if I have been living with these hives for this long and been able to tolerate it I could go on. There are times when it drives me crazy, but if I just take a moment and think about something else the urge to scratch does dissipate.


Skin Writing Hives

I have just realized tonight after reading this forum that I have dermatographism (skin writing hives). I am thrilled after four years of countless doctors-allergists, rheumatologists, and dermatologists unable to tell me what my problem is. One doctor told me that it was all in my head. I hope he gets a taste of his own medicine someday.

My itchy skin and hives started one night after I came home from work. This was right around the time I moved to a new state, got engaged, and lost my father to cancer. In retrospect, I can see that the extreme amount of stress I was under could have triggered this skin condition. I mean my skin is SENSITIVE. Any type of touch will welt or hive it up and make it extremely itchy. I was prescribed Zyrtec like many of you, but I decided to switch to OTC Alavert 24-Hour Non-Drowsy and it has worked for me pretty well where I only have to take one pill every two days. It's been over four years now and I am dealing with it much better but in the beginning, I wanted to die. It was so depressing to be constantly itchy and not know when and where my next attack would come. Recently I got pregnant and I am unable (more like unwilling) to take any medication to relieve the itching, so I'm just dealing with it the best I can.

Anyways, I just want to thank you folks who posted your stories. It really helped me to know that I wasn't crazy and that maybe there is hope for us. If any of you try the noni juice (I have to wait until I'm not pregnant anymore) and see results, PLEASE let us know. I would love a natural cure too!


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