Dermatographic Urticaria

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Skin Writing Hives

I suffer from dermatographic urticaria (skin writing hives) and as a result, have completely alienated myself from even wearing or using certain products. My skin is far too sensitive and it seems there is always something plaguing me. I worry about what other people might think of me as a result. I only wear jeans and shirts to hide my markings. It isn't painful physically, but mentally I am unprepared for such a thing when it is quite rare here in the Pacific from where I come from.

The heat in the tropics adds to my discomfort and my sinuses also makes things worse because I start to itch when I perspire. I have noticed that perspiration makes it worse so I keep away from the sun, choosing to remain indoor most of the time. I also noticed that cold weather seems to fix the dermatographism or hives temporarily as I spent 2 years in England and did not have any signs of the problem. Perhaps this information can help the medical professionals to come up with a much-needed solution to this problem.


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Dermatographic Urticaria

Most of you say that you have hives that itch, well my dermatographic urticaria seems to be a little bit different. I don’t get hives, I just seem to get raised skin if it get hit or scratch my arm for example. I have never taken medications for it, but may look into it. I was hoping that my condition would just go away over time, but I started noticing it when I was 11 and I am now 16. At first I thought it was just hay fever or some reaction to something, but after about 3 months I just accepted it and moved on. However, it now upsets me because I play a lot of football and physical sports which is hard with dermatographic urticaria.


Mild Urticaria

I have had this type of urticaria as long as I can remember. It isn't too hard to deal with, as I think I have a mild version, and the most I have to do is explain to people why my skin is all red and welty on occasion. The welts or hives do not cause too much itching, but I often end up with welts without even realizing I have been scratching. I like to explain the condition as a sort of 'skin allergy to anything' or a 'skin sensitivity'.


Welts and Hives Constant Itching

I have had this dermatographic urticaria since I was nine (13 years ago). When I was younger I was always afraid of what the other kids would say if they saw my welts or hives. I have learned not to care, but I still suffer with the discomfort every day. The constant itching, like my skin can't settle down.


Itching and Hives

I am sick of itching and hives!!! I have been suffering from this dermatographic urticaria for over 5 years now and I am told the only thing that will work is Cyproheptadine, generic for Periactin, which is the reason I have gained over 50 lbs in 5 years. Periactin is a medication given to people who can't gain weight. I have never had a problem with my weight until I started this medication. I am reaching out for anything other than Cyproheptadine to take to eliminate the symptoms and not gain weight. At one time, I was taking 3 cypro's a day and needless to say, I slept most of the day. I cut myself down to one a day and now I am excited to get off of this medicine all together. What do you take to stop the itch?


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