Hot Tub Rash

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A hot tub rash is a common occurrence on the skin of people who use hot tubs on a regular basis. However, this type of skin problem may also affect certain individuals who only use a hot tub once in a while as well.

Many people are often surprised that after using a hot tub they have developed a body rash. Why is the skin rash there? What caused the skin rash to develop? Is this rash dangerous? How do you treat a skin rash as a result of using a hot tub?

Hot Tub Rash from Chemicals in the Water

The principle cause of a skin rash from hot tub is due to chemicals, leading to a chemical dermatitis skin condition. Like swimming pools, hot tubs contain chemicals to kill bacteria and sanitize the water. Chlorine is generally used, but sometimes other chemicals may be used such as bromine or additional products may be present. These chemicals can be harsh on the skin especially if the proper balance of chemicals is not maintained. For some people, the hot tub rash may develop after first exposure, but for many it develops after repeated exposure to the pool chemicals. 

Nowadays, many hot tubs use less chemicals because of other methods are used to help purify the water such as the use of UV lamps or ozone. These methods help reduce the chance of getting this type of rash.

skin rash possible from chlorine in hot tub

The skin becomes sensitized to the constant exposure to chemicals and a skin rash develops. The effect is magnified for many people because the water is warm or hot. If you develop a hot tub skin rash, avoid using a hot tub on a regular basis to allow the skin to desensitize to the chemicals. Definitely do not use the hot tub until the rash disappears and the skin recovers. Alternatively, experiment with different concentrations of sanitizing chemicals or different types of sanitizers. You may be able to find a combination that does the required job of sanitization, but does not irritate the skin.

Rash Caused by Dirty Water

A skin rash from a hot tub may also be caused by dirty water or water with too much bacteria in it. Without proper treatment of hot tub water, bacteria can grow rapidly because of the warm water condition. Individuals may react to the bacteria and a skin rash and possibly other illnesses may develop. A proper balance of sanitizing chemicals is very important in preventing a hot tub skin rash. It is also important to change the water completely on a regular basis. Usually, every ninety days is the time period. However, this should be adjusted for hot tubs that are heavily used.

Hot and Warm Water Effects on Skin

Finally, the heat of the water can cause a heat rash in some individuals. Cool off the skin and keep it dry to help soothe the skin and eliminate the rash. Ensure the hot tub temperature is not too hot.

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