Raised Welts

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Raised Welts Skin Problem

I have this raised welts problem. I recently went on a trip out of town and stayed in a hotel. I woke up the next morning with the most intense itch on my hands. I thought maybe I was having an allergic reaction to something on the sheets (detergent or fabric softener). I took some Benadryl and went on with my trip. Later that week, the itch intensified and I was starting to get welts or hives where I was itching. I saw my doctor who prescribed 6 days of oral steroids. I had no idea if this was relevant or not, but I was also starting to experience the most intense chest pain/pressure I had ever felt. I thought I was going to have heart attack, but my mom was sure it was heartburn/indigestion even though I had not even eaten anything.

The second day of being on the steroids I could not stop the itching my hands. I am a dental hygienist and I had to leave work to go to an urgent care clinic. At first the doctor was asking about soaps/fabric softeners or anything of that nature that was different. I said no and the only thing out of the ordinary was the hotel stay. Well while I was waiting for the doctor I had been itching my back and obviously raised welts appeared pretty severely because when the doctor looked at my back he literally said "Oh My God"!!! I think he finally understood what was going on because he said I am going to try something. He then rubbed his thumbnail down my back and watched a raised welt appeared in that very spot. He then told me I had dermographism. He didn't tell me much about it, but prescribed a non-drowsy antihistamines (thank god for that) and a Beta-blocker for the heartburn. Which he said is commonly associated with the dermographism. I have only had the diagnosis for 4 days so and therefore I do not know if it will resolve on its own or continue. I guess we will have to see.


Raised Red Skin Condition

This raised welts skin condition just started and I am a little freaked. It looks like someone drew all over my back with a red pen. I also have it on my neck and even my legs. I feel as though I get a fever with this condition. Is that possible? Should I be taking Benadryl? Should I see a doctor?


Welts on Face

I am 18 years old and well. First of all, I have no idea how the dermographism and raised welts started and I have been dealing with it for about 8 months now. My symptoms are normal, I cannot scratch myself in any way or put on anything excessively tight because once I take it off, the hives appear. I also have to be extremely careful when I get an itch in the face because in the facial area they appear really fast.


No Cure for Welts

I am from Singapore and do have this raised welts skin condition and it has been with me for almost 5 years now. There really isn't a cure to this and like you have found out, dry skin does increase the chance of an occurrence.

The condition should be an inherited one but both of my parents never had such a condition (which leaves me puzzled.)

I have not found a cure the raised welts and like you, I am still finding a way out. I do however realize that skin areas that are more frequently exposed to our surroundings are less sensitive to outbreaks as compared to those that are never exposed. Our forearms, shins, calves, soles, and palms are less affected. I have also realised that every time I start swimming, the frequency of occurrence is reduced.

For now, my best method to counter this is just tolerance. The more we scratch the worse it gets. When I have severe outbreaks, I just grab an anti-histamine pill.

I would give NONI juice a try but it seems more temporary. I have great access with Chinese medicine over here in the past and so I would give it a go and see if anything helps.

My condition has not really improved over the years, I have only learned how to reduce its occurrence and control the itch. Let me know if you have any tips or other methods of improving this hives condition.


Welts from Scratching an Itch

I have had dermatographism or raised welts for a while now. I usually get it from scratching an itch, changing clothes, and overall impact to my skin (e.g. bumping into something or being hit). It does not disrupt my daily life but it is somewhat annoying to explain to people what it is.

The only time I really do not like having it is during the summer. Whenever I change into a bathing suit for example, I will always have random bumps from taking off my shorts or my top. I have learned to accept it and if anyone is confused, I just let them know what it is and that it is not contagious. I cannot explain how many times I have been asked if it is!

On another note, I am very happy I found this skin care website. I always thought I was the only one with this 'problem'!


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