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Dermographism Skin Condition

I have searched the dermographism raised rash skin condition through the internet. On our island (Aruba) it is not well-known. I had to bring an article from the internet to my doctor and also take a picture of my skin when it was swollen. I control the dermographism and hives through pills that the doctor gave me for allergies. He prescribed a soap (Sastyd) and recommended to not use softeners.

My first dermatographism symptom was the raised itchy skin rash. Sometimes during the day I feel like my skin is burning but it cools off after a while. My Dermographism started in November 2008. I am allergic to so many things, that my symptoms were considered just another allergic reaction, but to what exactly nobody could say.


Dermatographism Raised Rash

The dermatographism rash is not too bad for me. My neck might turn red or have blatant scratches on it and someone will point it out but I do not really care at this stage. I have had it my whole life.

I can write perfectly legible writing anywhere on my skin, especially my stomach, but sometimes hives just randomly appear. I do not do anything to deal with it, I just get on with life. Perhaps my case of this hives skin condition must not really be a serious one. Anyone that has seen it gets totally shocked and they mention that they have never met anyone with anything like it.

To be honest, the dermatographism almost makes no difference to me. It can be annoying at times but a simple explanation does the trick - just say "I have Dermographism" and nobody will ask questions because they will think it is a serious disease or something.


Raised Rash Skin Condition

I have the dermographism raised skin condition. It started in November of 2005 after my gallbladder was removed. I started getting hives or a raised skin rash and breakouts and then I went to doctor after doctor and even for allergy tests and nothing. Finally I was told I had what they call skin writing.

I take HYDROXYZINE HCL 25MG four times a day and it helps a lot. I do not itch but still have marks from scratching or if something hits my skin. At first, I could not have sex because it would hurt, but after being on the medication I have no problems. You just have to take it everyday.


Stress and Dermographia

I am not sure if I have dermographism raised rash, but I am dealing with a lot of stress in my life and in July and August of last year, and now again in January of this year, I am experiencing painful itching and when I scratch, that area becomes raised and feverish. It travels all around my body, including my hands, head, feet, fingertips, everywhere.

The first time it lasted two months and went away, now the raised rash skin condition is back. I take OTC Claritin and Benedryl for help. When I lay down and become restful, it goes away, but then when I rise and get moving, it all comes raging back.


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