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I am 20 years old. I live in south Texas. I have had dermographism skin hives for over a year. I have a crazy reaction to rubbing alcohol, much like your reaction to wine or beer. Every night when I go to bed I have very bad reactions. I have tried changing soaps and detergents for laundry. However, nothing helps. I take Benadryl daily. Sometimes more than once. Now that I am pregnant, I cannot take it as much, which makes for some long nights. I cannot really go to the doctor, I do not have the money.

Looking on the Internet, I have learned much about this dermographism skin hives condition and I have nothing else to go by. I can write on my skin and wash off the ink and you can still read it hours after. This is the worst thing I have ever gone through. My boyfriend stays up all night rubbing ice all over me. Sometimes it hurts so bad I cry.

As for having dermographism skin hives on my face, I have always had acne. Since this has started, it has got much worse, more on my neck than anything. I react to heat and rubbing on anything. It took me a long time to find out what this skin condition was. When you look up rashes, you do not get much information and the things you do get, only say it is mild and lasts for a short amount of time.

I want to thank you for your website. Before finding it, I thought this is just how it is going to be and I would just have to get used to it. I am going to try the noni fruit juice and see how it helps with the dermographism skin hives. I will give you an update. Thank you again.


Dermographism Skin Hives

I first noticed my "dermographism skin hives problem" - I had never really looked into it until now - when I received a scratch from my dog, on my neck. The scratch became a raised welt and really did not heal at all for a long time. I still have a small mark there today. It was constantly itchy and it was annoying to no end.

Then about a couple of months after, I noticed that if I was playing around with the dog, I would be left with all sorts of welts on my arms/hands/etc. That progressed into now, where anything that rubs against my skin leaves a huge welt, that is red and intensely itchy. My co-workers think it's pretty entertaining, they can give me a little smack on the back of the neck and a two-finger marks will appear! L

Now, after reading your page, I am going to try some of that Noni and see what happens with the dermographism skin hives, as well as getting on an antihistamine.


Claritin and Hives Flare-ups

I have been suffering from dermographism skin hives for 29 years, since 1980, and I still have flare ups. I started with Valium, Benadryl Liquid form, Atarax, and then a Dr. who suggested Claritin in 1997. When I feel a flare up coming on I take one Claritin and within minutes the flare up is gone.


Treating Hives by Staying Cool

I have always had dry skin (do not really drink water) but had never had the problem of dermographism hives. I have had itchy skin on and off since last summer and thought it was only my dry skin acting up. It got to a point in February this year when I was constantly scratching and my body was full of hives and welts. I researched the net (while waiting for my dermatologist appointment) and more or less was sure that this was what I had. The dermatologist confirmed it and has put me on Reactine 20 mg a day and Atarax 25 mg a day. Hot showers are out and she recommended that I increase my fluid intake (especially water) and stay away from any and all fragrances, either body or clothes.

In between, my physician had me on several antihistamines and cortisone creams but that did not really help. Ultimately, she put me on Prednisone starting from 50 mg and going down gradually until I was done the course. Right now I am taking Prednisone 15 mg daily, but that course will be done in the next week. Prednisone helped bring down all the inflammation that I used to get with excessive scratching.

I have noticed that cool showers help with a very light cleansing shower soap - I use Dove for sensitive skin or Cetaphil mild body cleanse. Then I moisturise myself from top to toe with Cetaphil ultra moisturising cream and carry it around with me everywhere. If I use that at the first instance of itching, I tend to scratch minimally and thereby avoiding any welts.

I tend to add more salads and juices in my diet, try to stay cool, and wear as much cotton as possible. Another thing to remember, you should keep stress at bay and I am good at that. Hopefully, all this helps others as much as it has helped me. At least now that I know for certain what this dermographism skin hives condition is, I am prepared for it.


Skin Hives Writing Disease

I also have this dermographism skin hives writing disease. I had my first outbreak a few weeks ago. I get bumps on my wrist from wearing my watch, my neck has bumps from the collar of the shirts, my back itches all over it drives me nuts everyday. Instead of scratching itchy spots, try putting pressure on it instead. Best of luck!


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