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There are several choices available when selecting a shaving razor. However, prior to discussing which razor to choose, there are some razor-related shaving tips.

Shaving Razor Tips

Use a Sharp Razor

Using a dull razor does not generally result in a good shave. A dull razor means you will need to go over the same area of the skin several times for a good shave and this increases the likelihood of shaving irritation. Otherwise, you will get an uneven shave with rough patches. A dull shaving razor also means that the hair is only partially cut or pulled and not cut cleanly, as it should be.

Some suggest changing the razor blade once a week. For others, the blades may just start to feel right after a week. It really depends on how you shave, the thickness of your hair or stubble, etc.

Choose a Good Quality Razor

Cheap means cheap. A poor quality razor will lead to razor burn, many cuts and nicks, and general irritation of the area that is shaved. It is recommended to pay more in order to get good quality precision blades that are gentler on the skin.

Other Shaving Tips

For other shaving tips, visit the ingrown hair and shaving cream pages.

Shaving Razor Types

Disposable Razors

This shaving razor type falls into the cheap category.

disposable shaving razor

The blade of a disposable razor is only “good” for one or two shaves. The shave from a disposable razor is likely not to be a good one. Don’t expect to get a good pain-free shave, from a tool that costs pennies a razor.

Single-Blade Razors

These razors are usually double-edge or in other words, both sides of the razor can be used for shaving.

single blade razor for shaving

These are often used only by more experienced individuals such as barbers or long-time shavers because improper use can lead to serious cuts and skin damage.

The advantage of using these blades is that they are good quality blades and are fairly inexpensive. Each blade has two sides so it lasts twice as long. The shaves are usually very close. However, once again these are not dummy proof and proper shaving techniques must be followed to avoid irritation and cuts.

Multi-Blade Razors

Initially, a multi-blade razor for shaving meant only two blades. At the time, this was a big jump from single blades. As the competition between manufacturers heated up, the product lines changes radically.

multi blade razor for shaving

Now, we are up to multi-blade razors with five blades. Along with the multiple blades comes other features such as lubricating strips, pivoting heads, high quality anti-friction blades which shave closely without cutting, skin guards which precede the blades to smooth out the skin and lift hairs for easy shaving, ergonomic type handles, etc. With all these features, shaving has become dummy-proof. Even without following the right shaving protocol, you can still get a descent shave without damaging your skin too much. Gillette and Schick are the top competitors in this market.

Generally, these multi-blade shave razors give very good non-irritating and nick-free shaves. The blades are fairly expensive, but depending on your hair and skin and frequency of shaving, they can last a reasonable amount of time for what was spent to purchase them. The cost is well worth the result that these shaving razors provide.

Many reviews indicate that the Gillette series produce the best shave (in particular the Mach III). However, once again it becomes a matter of personal preference. Do not be afraid to experiment in order to find if there is a better shave for you out there.

Electric Razors

Electric razors are not the preferred shaving tool. Only about 30% of all men who shave prefer to use electric razors. However, electric razors still have a role in the shaving world.

electric razor for shaving

There are two general types of electric shaving razors: foil head or rotary head. There are several different models of each with a variety of features that may include: cordless operation, longhair trimmers, auto-clean feature, pivoting head, washable under water, ergonomic design, etc.

Foil head consist of blades that move back and forth behind a thin flexible screen. A foil shaver generally gives a closer shave, but has trouble with longer hairs. In a study, around 60% of individuals reported that foil shavers were less irritating than their rotary counterparts. These shavers are easier to clean, but the foil is delicate and can be easily damaged. Braun is a quality manufacturer of foil electric shaving razors.

Rotary head electric razors have rotary spring mounted guards over the cutters. Rotary shavers tend to give shaves that are less close. However, these shavers do well with longer hairs and are better at being manoeuvred around difficult areas. Rotary discs are less delicate than the standard foil shavers, but the cleaning is more difficult. Norelco/Philips make quality rotary electric shaving razors. Remington makes rotary and foil head shavers as well.

It takes the skin about 30 days to get used to an electric razor. Therefore, it takes time to determine whether a certain type of electric razor is good for you or not. Keep this time period in mind when looking at money back guarantees. A good electric razor is not noisy, does not vibrate excessively, and is easy and comfortable to handle.

An electric razor can be useful to shorten long hair first before a manual shave or just to give a different look to the skin. It can be a quicker and more convenient way to shave.

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