Zodiac Sign Tattoos

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There are many versions of zodiac sign tattoos. Below you can find some free zodiac tattoo designs that are a little different. Feel free to copy these designs and use them or alter them to design an even more unique zodiac tattoo.

Zodiac Symbols Explained

A brief explanation of what the symbols mean or represent is provided below.

The design has two wavy lines, likely meant to indicate water waves.

This is a rather obvious depiction of a ram’s head. Of course, Aries is the sign of the ram.

The zodiac symbol for Cancer is the crab and this is loose interpretation of what a crab looks like.

The zodiac symbol for this astrological sign is the goat. This design is a little difficult to associate with what a goat looks like.

The two vertical lines and two horizontal lines correspond to the duality natural of the twins which are the zodiac symbol for Gemini.

The design generally depicts a lion’s mane or perhaps the tail to illustrate that a lion is the zodiac symbol for Leo.

The drawing below is a design of the scales or the zodiac symbol for Libra. This illustrates the principal of symmetry and balance.

For Pisces, the astrological symbol is a fish. It is difficult to relate the fish to the design presented below.

The drawing depicts the bow and arrow of the archer which is the zodiac symbol for Sagittarius.

A scorpion is the zodiac symbol for Scorpio and the arrow head part of the drawing illustrates the stinger of the scorpion.

Like the Aries symbol, this is a depiction of an animal’s head. In this case we have a round bull’s head and obvious horns on the head.

The Zodiac symbol is that of a virgin or maiden. The design is an “M” likely to represent the maiden and attached to this is a design representing the crossed legs of a virgin.

Zodiac Sign Tattoos Images

zodiac signs tattoos on skin
gemini, leo, libra, and pisces tattoos
saggitarius, scorpio, taurus, and virgo tattoos

We are also looking to add more zodiac sign tattoos to this webpage. If you have some zodiac tattoos that you have found, have used, or have designed yourself, and would like to share your tattoo design with our visitors please visit this page. If there is an interesting story or experience connected to your zodiac tattoo design you can also share the story. Finally, your submissions of tattoo designs and tattoo stories are not limited to the subject of zodiac signs tattoos. We would like our visitors to submit any interesting tattoo designs, tattoo stories, and experiences they have had with the whole process of getting a tattoo. By supplying this type of information, you can help others make the right decision when they are considering getting a tattoo.

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