Chronic Hives

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Swelling and Chronic Hives on Skin

I first realized swelling and welts or chronic hives on my skin in 2004/5. I went to the doctor and I had to scratch myself a little bit to show him and he thought I was crazy. It was not severe at that time, I guess. As time went on, it became noticeable even when I scratched lightly.

Now I know it is dermographism. I am still not used to it, but I have to thank God it is not a deadly condition.


Hives that are Chronic

I can definitely relate to everything you have said about this writing in your skin or chronic hives disease. Just lately, I feel it does get worse in the summer. I was in nursing school when I started with the itching and the welts and it SUCKS and it is SUPER EMBARRISING.

I did go see a skin doctor and while I was waiting in the waiting room I got the hives all over my back. This is the area where I get it the most and it looks like someone whipped me. The minute I walked in and the doctor looked at my skin, he knew right away what it was and told me that I am going to have to take Claritin for the rest of my life.


Hives and Horrible Itching

I broke out in chronic hives and horrible itching about two weeks ago. My body was covered in rashes and of course the horrible streaking that occurs from the scratching. I had no clue what had hit me. I was started on Prednisone and then Atarax (hydroxyzine hcl) and missed the last week of school (I am a teacher).

I was told by an award winning allergist that this should go away in up to 6 months and never return, but now after reading some stuff online, I am a little skeptical. My condition has dissipated, but certainly not gone away. I have some light outbreaks on my arms at night, but not too many left on my legs, or upper body. Any hope out there?


Dermatographia and Hives

I cannot believe I just stumbled on this blog. I have had dermatographism and chronic hives since I was 11 years old, and I am now 28. Antihistamines keep this skin condition in check for me. My preference is Loratadine 10 mg every 24 to 48 hours. This is the drug in Claritin. I tried many different kinds of antihistamines. Allegra worked at first, but I eventually got immune to it. I had to switch to chlorpheniramine while I was pregnant and breastfeeding. It kept the symptoms away, but I found it made me groggy. Claritin is non drowsy, and I do not have any side effects.

Isn't it the craziest thing? If I do not have any antihistamines in me, I go nuts! I get itchy everywhere, and yes the urticaria, and red blotches as well. I do not like eating an apple without cutting it, because the pressure makes my mouth and lips red and blotchy. I have never met anyone else who has even heard of dermatographism much less has it. This is amazing to hear of so many stories just like mine!

Hi all you fellow itchy freaks!


Hives Skin Condition

I am writing to give an update on my chronic hives condition: well still allergic to aspirin, I wrote earlier how my doctor wanted to see if I'm still allergic, lips and eyes swelled, so yes, still allergic. Anyway, I've cut down on some of my meds: I now take Claritin in the morning, Zantac around dinner, and Zyrtec before bed. It seems to be working for me. Thanks to those of you who suggested Claritin, I really believe it is helping me.


Claritin and Hives Treatment

I found out I had dermographism and hives last year and it just suddenly appeared out of the blue. I saw three doctors and no one could tell me what it was. I finally did my own research and I can across a website that described dermographism. I scheduled an appointment again the following week and told the doctor what I thought it was so he prescribed me CLARITIN. This has saved my life! I take one pill every day and I have no itching. If you're struggling with finding a treatment for this chronic hives condition, try claritin. It has really helped me a lot.


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