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Dermographism or dermatographism pictures are a useful way of diagnosing this skin problem. The reason for this is because pressure or physical urticaria produces some unique skin features or symptoms that are quite a bit different that the numerous other skin problems that exist.

The basis of dermatographism is the formation of raised skin in areas where pressure was applied to the skin. It does not necessarily require a lot of pressure to trigger the skin response. Often only light rubbing will cause the raised skin hives to appear. The raised skin symptom is a very interesting one because it takes the shape or form or pattern of the applied pressure. Because of this, dermographism or dermatographism is often referred to as “skin writing”.

For some dermatographism sufferers, the skin does not always rise up but instead only red marks become evident in the pattern of the applied pressure. For others, the skin only becomes itchy where the skin was rubbed. However, for most, the skin does raise when pressure is applied to the skin and the raised skin will be either white or red. Some of these features are illustrated in the dermatographism pictures or physical urticaria photos provided below. The raised skin caused by dermographism is often referred to by a number of different terms such as hives, welts, and whelps.

Any part of the body can be affected by dermatographism and this is also illustrated in the dermographism photos. When an individual first discovers that they have dermatographism it can be quite frightening because of how the skin looks with all the raised hives or raised welts. Fortunately, the condition although quite uncomfortable is not a serious health condition, even though it may appear to be so.

The physical urticaria pictures below can be used as an aid to diagnose your dermatographism skin problem. This should only be the first step in properly diagnosing your skin problem. However, because of the unique symptoms created by this physical urticaria condition, chances are that if you are experiencing symptoms as shown in the dermographism pictures below then you likely have it. Note that one of the most common and simple tests performed by doctors in order to diagnose the dermatographism skin problem is to take a blunt object (often a wooden tongue depressor) and stroke the skin on the back or arm with it. If raised skin or welts appear in a short amount of time then doctors often conclude that the patient has the dermographism skin problem. Some doctors may perform additional testing to verify the tongue depressor test results and to determine if there may be a specific underlying health problem that is causing the dermographism.

Dermatographism Pictures, Dermographism Photos, Physical Urticaria Pictures

The dermographism picture below shows the raised skin or raised welts often associated with the dermatographism skin problem.

a picture showing raised skin welts caused by dermatographism skin problem

The dermatographism photos below indicate the uniqueness of this skin condition. Because the welts or hives appear in the form of the applied pressure to the skin, some interesting designs can be created on the skin. Some dermographism suffers use this unusual effect on the skin to amuse themselves or others.

dermatographism sufferer writes name on arm and this is why it is called the skin writing disease
photo showing skin writing on the arm of a person with dermographism
picture of a skin drawing on the leg of an individual with dermatographism
raised skin welt from dermatographism on leg

Sometimes, stroking the skin does not really produce obvious raised skin but only red marks as shown in the dermatographism picture below.

image of dermatographism on the leg with no raised skin and only red marks

These images are used for information purposes only. Always follow up your own diagnosis of your skin problem with a consultation with a physician. More information on dermatographism can be found at the following links:

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