Ingrown Pubic Hair

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Why does ingrown pubic hair occur for some people? Basically, ingrown hairs occur because the hair, as it grows, grows sideways under the skin’s surface or curls back underneath the skin’s surface. The end result is the appearance of red bumps or pimples that can be painful to various degrees and also disfigure the look of the skin. In certain cases, an infection may develop (usually minor in nature) or skin scarring may result due to the trauma caused to the surface of the skin.

Main Cause of Ingrown Pubic Hair

The main cause of pubic ingrown hairs is the act of shaving to remove the pubic hair. Shaving is the most common way of removing hair from this area of the body and therefore it is not surprising that this skin care problem often is found in the pubic region. More specifically, it is not the act of shaving itself that causes the problem, but rather it is poor shaving techniques that cause ingrown hairs. Shaving with a poor quality razor, shaving too close, shaving over the same area too often, or shaving against the grain or against the direction of hair growth all contribute to the ingrown hair problem.

Everybody is different when it comes to the susceptibility of getting ingrown hairs. With experience, an individual is able to determine the shaving method that works best for them. With trial and error with different razors, different shave creams, different shaving strokes, and how to shave specific skin areas, ingrown hairs in the pubic area can be prevented.

Other hair removal methods such as tweezing, threading, and waxing can cause ingrown hairs to develop as well, if the hair is not removed completely, but instead cut off underneath the surface of the skin. Therefore, if these other hair removal techniques are used, then keep a look out for ingrown pubic hair.

Potential Other Ingrown Hair Causes

Ingrown hair in the pubic region may also be caused by tight fitting clothing in the pubic region, dry skin, the presence of coarse or curly hair, and blocked skin pores or hair follicles. The blockage is usually a result of the accumulation of skin oils or dead skin cells.

Therefore, it is best to not wear tight fitting clothing often, moisturize your skin on a regular basis and especially in dry weather months, and exfoliate the skin often. Proper and regular skin exfoliation will promote healthy skin and eliminate dry skin cells, thus reducing the risk of pore clogging and ingrown pubic hair development.

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