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Red Bumpy Rash Skin Problem

I am not sure if what I am experiencing is a red bumpy rash or dermographism or not. If it is not dermographism, I am not sure if that is a good thing or not.

My story begins in winter 2004. I was 15 years old at that time. The previous years I used to feel itchy for a bit but it was not a big deal and I did not pay attention to it. However, in winter 2004, it started to be serious. My body was getting red and I was experiencing an itchy feeling in my face, chest, back, legs and even hands. I believed it was some kind of an allergy and visited a doctor. He told me it was dermographism and told me to take an antihistamine for two weeks and stop eating certain types of food (which was a really huge list and I lost a lot of weight).

Anyway after around two months, all the symptoms disappeared and I was happy. Next winter it returned again and I found out that it comes in winter ONLY. It does not come in summer, although heat is one of the causes that initiates it. I take antihistamines almost daily and it is really giving me a hard time. I have found no cure so far although cold water or wind relieves the red bumpy rash a bit.

It is so strong that when I try to avoid itching my leg, for example, it starts doing involuntary movements and it causes me a lot of trouble when I am in a public place, giving a presentation, or writing an exam. Stress arouses the red bumpy rash as well as spicy food, however I believe they are not the main reasons because in summer I am usually subjected to stress as much as, if not more than, in winter, and I eat spices all the time in summer.

I live in Egypt. I travelled in winter once to Saudi Arabia and went to many cities there with different weather conditions (dry weather, high humidity, etc.) but I never felt any symptoms there. So the reason is in winter and in Egypt ONLY. I wonder what that could be. Any hints here will be appreciated


Skin Welts and Bumpy Rash

My son was diagnosed with dermatographism or this red bumpy rash about three years ago when he was aged four. Although the welts or red bumpy rash was highly exaggerated and distressing to his teachers and peers, they seemed to cause him little or no discomfort. He had suffered from mild eczema on and off since he was a baby, but the Dermatographism seemed to appear whilst recovering from a bout of chicken pox, coupled with scarlet fever. Neither illness was particularly severe but it appears that the dermatographism was triggered by his immune system going into overdrive.

After a period of about 3 to 4 weeks, the symptoms subsided. Subsequently the symptoms would reappear after a mild illness and follow the same pattern. On one occasion they appeared with no other signs of being unwell, but I soon discovered that a winter virus was rife at his school, so I assume that he successfully managed to fight off the virus and the recurrence of the dermatographism was evidence of this.

In the past year, he has suffered minor ailments and the occurrence of dermatographism and the hives seems to lessen in severity with each episode. Most recently he had a nasty ear infection resulting in a ruptured eardrum and no welts appeared at all and so I am hoping that he is growing out of it.

On first diagnosis my doctor told me that his red bumpy rash condition was triggered because his immune system was working too hard to fight off infections and viruses and I assumed that this was always the case, but since checking the Internet I can see little other evidence of this. I am curious to know if you have experienced similar.


Itchy Skin, Hives and Welts

Starting in the fall of 2005, I started having symptoms of dermographism, itchy skin, red bumpy rash, welts or hives, and oily skin. I went to my doctor and he put me on 10mg hydroxyzine. I take one every night before I go to bed and this has worked for me. I have also noticed that since the start of this to present I have not been sick very often, even if everyone in my family gets sick with the flu or a cold I do not. Reading about noni juice on this web site may be a new option for me so that I can get off the Hydroxyzine.


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