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Verseo epad is an effective hair removal method. If you want to remove unwanted hair permanently on larger areas of your body such as your legs, then this hair removal system is for you. This product from Verseo can be used for hair removal on the face, can be used to shape eyebrows, is great for removing underarm hair, and can be used for the removal of that unwanted hair on the upper lip. For those who like to wear bikinis, then this product can be used to remove that unsightly bikini line hair. Finally, because the system comes with large self-adhesive body pads, this hair removal product is ideal for removing hair on the back.

Clinically Tested for Safety

The e-pad system has been clinically tested to be safe, effective, and painless. It is a home hair removal method that is based on the same technology as what is used in professional salons and spas. It was developed in Europe and is a patented technology that is clinically proven to remove hair and not only remove it, but remove it permanently with little effort and cost. The system uses small pulses of low and safe levels of electrical energy that pass through a conductive gel on the pads. This electrical energy attacks the hair growth cells in the follicle and thus prevents hair from regrowing.

The ePad is just as effective as the techniques used in professional spas and much less costly. In addition, this hair removal product can be used in the privacy of your own home for those who prefer not to visit spas or salons for hair removal. Avoid regular visits to the salon and try this Verseo ePad permanent hair removal product.

Verseo ePad

Permanently remove unwanted hair from your legs and other large areas of your body with the ePad. Its special design and extra large body pads remove hair quickly and painlessly. It leaves the skin soft and silky smooth. Avoid the high cost associated with other permanent hair removal methods such as laser hair removal.

Verseo Epilator

As an alternative to the Verseo ePad, the Verseo epilator, which is also known as the Verseo Duet, is two hair removal tools in one. It is a very unique hair removal product that is not available from any other company. This product consists of two hair removal methods so that the user can choose how they want to remove hair and which type of hair removal to use on specific parts of the body. Not all methods of hair removal are suitable for all parts of the body. It is great to have one product that offers two options.

On one end of this Verseo hair removal product is a quality foil electric shaver for those who prefer shaving as a hair removal technique. Shaving is a very common method of hair removal and many prefer it to some of the other methods. However, shaving can irritate the skin if performed with a poor quality product. The Verseo foil electric shaver provides excellent and irritant free hair removal. Shaving is not suitable for all areas of the body and what if only a few hairs need to removed from a specific area? In this case it is useful to have an effective epilating device. The other end of this Verseo product is such a device. It effectively removes even the shortest hairs by the roots. By removing hair from the root it takes a longer time for it to grow back when compared to shaving. Hair generally grows back in a few weeks, but once it does it is finer and thinner. Over time, with continued removal of the hair from the root, the hair may stop growing altogether. Try this product with or in addition to the Verseo ePad for hair removal.

Verseo Duet Epilator and Shaver

The Only Epilating Device and Shaver in One Available! The innovative and patented epilating head grasps even the shortest hairs leaving skin silky smooth for up to four to six weeks. This product has a two-speed option that allows the user to choose the desired speed for most efficient hair removal.

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