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Antihistamines Not Working

I have been living with dermographism hives on skin for almost ten years now and it is incredibly annoying. It controls my life by not letting me participate in the many activities I enjoy. I am also a construction worker and not bumping or scratching my skin is nearly impossible.

I recently went to a dermatologist and he has been having me take a variety of antihistamines like Xyzol, Allegra, and Clarinex. So far they have done little in preventing the hives on skin and redness. I am tired of this annoying condition and even though it is not life threatening, it is controlling the way I live my life. I do not participate in many activities because I do not want to have to explain to people what it is.

Anyway, I hope it goes away eventually but knowing my luck probably not. If anybody has found any luck in controlling it please let me know.

Dennis – April 7, 2009

Hives on Skin Diagnosed as Dermographism

I never knew what it was, but every time I scratched my skin or rubbed my skin too hard it would turn red, become raised, and welt up with hives. Not until I went to the Dermatologist for MAJOR hives on my face did I find out that I have dermographism. There isn't a time that I can remember when I did not have this hives on skin condition, and I always just thought and said I had very sensitive skin. While it can be very frustrating, I don't get embarrassed, as I have read a lot of people do, maybe that is because I have had it my entire life and have learned to live with it.

I know not to scratch any part of my body that will show in public (which is difficult but I avoid it as much as possible) or it looks like a cat scratched me and lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. They say that only 5% of the population has it and actually my friend has dermographism hives on skin as well, but mine is a lot worse than hers. While I doubt it will ever go away, it is something that I have learned to deal with and brush off when people ask me why I have a scratch on my chest, face, or any other part of my body that becomes irritated.

For me the worst part of it is breaking out in hives, which I try and control with Claritin or Benadryl. Hey, at least we know we are all special (being only 5% of the pop).

Lauren – April 4, 2009

Hives from Neck to Waist

For years I had an itchy spot on the left side of my back near the center of it. I had no idea what it was, but it was not worth mentioning. Then in December 2008, I was diagnosed with hives on skin - neck to waist - front and back - cause unknown. They were cleared up, but my entire back itched unbearably, I could not sleep well, I was anxious, irritable, twitchy, and sometimes homicidal!!! Nothing was visible.

FINALLY the dermatologist got me in and scratched my back and diagnosed me with dermographism. I realized then that the itchy spot had probably been that all along.

No one seems interested in finding the trigger for these raised hives on skin except me. So far two Zantac a day and 1-2 Allegra along with Inositol and an occasional vodka in lemonade help!

M.A. – March 29, 2009

Light Friction on Skin Causes Welts

I am so thankful to find this information and have a name for my mysterious hives on skin ailment. I live on a farm and first noticed the raised, wiggly welts on my arms while stacking firewood. I initially thought there had been some kind of small insects in/on the wood that had irritated my skin or that maybe I was allergic to the sap in the wood. The next time is what surprised me. I had a small bundle of new, folded cardboard boxes that I was moving around in our shipping room, laid across my arms. Once having them put on a high shelf, I noticed the welts again, on my arms where the boxes had been laid. This mystified me to no end. Thank you so much for the information.

Terri – March 27, 2009

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