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Itching and Hives

I have had the itching and hives since I was a junior in high school ( 4 years ago). About the same time my older sister moved in and smokes. I thought I may have just been allergic to the cigarette smoke. But, when I moved out, I still had the same symptoms of itching to death all day and all night. I can't remember the last good night's sleep I have had. Now I am in nursing school and we had a lecture about different skin disorders and dermatographism was one of them. So I made an appointment with the dermatologist. I didn't tell her I was in nursing school or that I thought it may be dermatographism, I just told her my dermatographism symptoms. She took a Q-tip and brushed it down both of my hands. Within a few seconds I had 3 lines on both of my hands that started itching severely. So anyway, after 4 years of not knowing, now I have a diagnosis and I am not crazy! I am now taking Allegra every morning and Benadryl every night. As long as I take it everyday I have no itching, just the red spots and hives. As long as I am not itching, I can deal with the red spots!


Alternative Medications for Dermographia

I am an otherwise healthy 29 year old who has dermatographism and I have had this annoying itch for 9 months now. I started off using Claritin, then Allegra, and now Zyrtec. I use Zantac twice a day as well. I still have a lot of periods throughout the day where I am severely itchy and red. I have been tested for everything under the sun however I was found to be healthy. Well thank god for that, but I will tell you that being itchy all the time does not make me feel like I am healthy. I was suppose to receive a spot test to see what allergies I have, but I cannot go off the Zyrtec. I am tired of hearing, take Benadryl when you have an outbreak of itching. I feel like a zombie after, not to mention I am a nurse and cannot take Benadryl and then take care of my patients. I was wondering if you have heard about any success stories regarding phototherapy or acupuncture? Alternatively, do you know of any medications that have worked for you? I am very frustrated due to my lack of energy and commonly catching colds. I attempt to exercise to bring my energy level up, but I am itchy after that as well. Any suggestions would be helpful.


Noni Juice for Dermatographia Hives

I know where all of you are coming from. I recently broke out in hives on my arms about two months ago and didn't really think anything of it. After I realized that they were getting worse, I went to the doctor and she diagnosed me with chronic hives. She then prescribed Zyrtec and Prednisone to me. The hives were almost gone and so was the itching. I was sure that after the medication I would be fine, but after my prescription was done, they returned.

I then went to a drug store to try and purchase an over the counter drug other than Benadryl because that's what I tried before going to the doctor and that didn't work. Since I couldn't decide, I went over to the pharmacy counter to try and get some recommendations on which drugs would suppress the itching because it was really really bad. I told him what doctors prescribed to me and that they didn't work and he said that Benadryl was the best for itching and that if it didn't work it’s probably because I was still being exposed to the allergen. Then he asked if I had changed my soap, detergent or perfume and I said no. Then he told me to wreck my brain and try to think of any new food I might be eating, which I have not eaten anything new. Then he recommended the oatmeal bath by Aveeno, which also didn't help. I've tried every anti-itch cream in the book. They have not helped.

So today I decided to do a search and finally learned that I have dermatographism. If I make a mistake and hurt myself, within minutes I will get a red raised bruise in that exact spot. Even if I make a mark anywhere on my body that same exact mark will appear as a raised welt. I would have really hated to go to another doctor and have them tell me that I just have hives and I'm probably eating something new, write me a prescription and send me along my merry way. I've always heard that Noni Juice is good for the body, but have never actually tried it, so I'm going to try that. I'd rather be cured naturally with teas and herbs rather than medicine, because I don't want to be dependent on drugs for the rest of my life. I'm 23 years old and I don't want to be one of those individuals that have dealt with this condition for 10 and 15 years. If anyone can help with some other unknown methods to treat this condition please email me @ Trying to avoid doctors at all costs. Hope my story helps


Very Itchy Hives Condition

After many outbreaks and creams, my doctor finally saw a breakout of hives. I work as a nurse at a hospital and usually when I have a breakout it is mostly gone by the time I reach my doctor’s office. However, this time the doctor was able to see what I was describing to him. He diagnosed it as dermatographism hives.

Finally! I am not nuts, but this condition is so itchy and it drives me nuts. Unfortunately, for me, the hives appear on my face, neck, and back, and so it is hard to deal with because patients do not like the look of it. It scares them sometimes. I always joke with them by saying it’s only contagious if they give me a hard time and this usually breaks the ice.

Finally, I can research this dermatographism or hives problem and learn about it.


Zyrtec for Hives

I am not sure what this is. It started about 3 weeks ago as white bumps and when I scratched them they spread causing larger wheals. The pollen count is very heavy and I am hoping this is causing these hives.

I went to my doctor and she prescribed me Zyrtec. It has been working with the itching, but I now notice that if I scratch myself red streaks appear. I am hoping this does not last very long and it is only allergies. Someone please help! I never suffered from hives before. It is making me nuts. Will this ever go away on its own?


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