Unexplained Rash

Whenever an unexplained rash appears on the skin there is always concern. Is the rash just a minor ailment or is the rash an indication of a more serious underlying health problem? Is the skin rash viral, bacterial, fungal, or allergy based?

If there is concern then advice from a medical doctor should be obtained. In fact, in some skin rash cases, emergency medical assistance is a must.

In many cases, that unexplained skin rash could indeed be explained. In order to help identify different types of skin rashes you need to know what type of factors can cause a skin rash. You also need to classify the symptoms. The diagnose my skin rash page provides this information for many different types of skin rashes. In addition, treatment of rashes and prevention tips are also provided. Therefore, by using the information on the above mentioned page, some investigation as to when and where the skin rash occurred and possibly consultation with a physician (where necessary), that rash can be explained.

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