Genital Rash

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A genital rash or groin rash can occur because of many reasons. Some rashes in the groin area are minor, but some of these skin rashes indicate a more serious health problem.

Listed below are some causes for a genital rash.


Tight fitting clothes may constantly rub the groin area and produce a rash. Wear loose fitting clothing.


Build up of heat in the groin area may lead to a heat groin rash. Keeping the area cool and dry will help.


The groin area is a sensitive skin area and shaving this area, especially too close, will likely lead to a shaving rash or razor bumps.


In babies or the elderly that require diapers, a diaper rash is a common occurrence that can be easily treated. Change diapers often and keep this skin area dry.


Because the groin is a warm and humid skin area, fungi can flourish and lead to a skin rash commonly known as jock itch. Ensure proper hygiene is practiced to prevent the growth of this fungal skin condition.

Contact Dermatitis

This genital skin rash results because the skin has sensitivity or is sensitized to certain chemicals. These may include detergents, hygiene products, or latex from condoms. Identify the offending products and avoid them.

Yeast Infections

A groin rash may be produced by a yeast infection in either men or women.


A scabies rash caused by the presence of the scabies mite can appear in the groin area.


This skin condition may produce a rash in the genital area in addition to affecting the skin in other parts of the body.

Various STDs

Various sexually transmitted diseases or conditions can produce a genital rash or groin rash. These include secondary syphilis, herpes, genital warts, and pubic lice.

As is evident from the information presented above, there are a number of different reasons for a genital rash to occur. Some like heat, friction, or shaving are minor causes and can be easily remedied. Others such as the secondary syphilis groin rash is a much more serious condition. For this reason, any rash in the genital or groin area should not be ignored unless it is obvious why the rash is present i.e. just after shaving the area.

In general, a visit to the doctor is recommended whenever a groin rash is present.

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