Dermatographism Causes Survey

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The dermatographism causes survey asks suffers of this hives skin condition what they believe caused this skin problem to develop in the first place.

In general, doctors, scientists, and medical researchers, have not been able to pinpoint the exact cause of dermatographism. Usually, a large list of possible triggers is quoted and no specific reason is provided to the patient. One reason for the uncertainty is that each individual is different and what causes dermographism in one person may not be the cause of dermographism in another individual. However, without an extensive survey of dermographism suffers, it is difficult to determine if any common causes actually exist.

The Dermatographism Causes Survey

The causes of dermatographism survey below aims to shed some light on the most likely cause or causes of dermatographism. By acquiring data on cause from actual sufferers of this skin problem, a cure or at least a more effective treatment can possibly be formulated. Also, knowing the cause is valuable in terms of practicing proper prevention techniques. If the causes are known, then perhaps avoiding the triggers of dermatographism will be very helpful for sufferers of this skin condition.

The first couple of questions are very general and ask the sex of the individual and age group. These will help determine whether the dermatographism is gender specific and whether the problem favors younger or older individuals.

Next a large list of causes are provided and the survey taker is asked to check off as many as they think apply.

In addition, the survey asks the question - if you have dermatographism, what triggers an outbreak? This information will also help in the analysis. This does not refer to what initially causes the skin condition, but rather was factor causes it to reappear.

A comment box is provided for any additional comments if it is desired to do so.

In most cases, it is the dermatographism sufferers themselves that know the most in terms of what initially caused the dermatographism and what triggers a hives outbreak.

Therefore, if you have dermatographism, please take a minute and fill out the survey below. The compiled information can help individuals with dermatographism to properly and effectively deal with this skin care problem.

If you have your own story about this skin conditon and would like to share it, please visit this page.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

View the current survey results as well as comments from readers and at: dermatographism causes survey results.

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