Dermatographism Diagnosis

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An accurate dermatographism diagnosis is often difficult to perform due to the unusual nature of this skin condition. In many cases, dermatographism is misdiagnosed because many physicians are not familiar with this type of urticaria. Stories of diagnosing dermographism from actual dermatographism suffers are presented.

Misdiagnosed with Rosacea and Lupus

by Maureen (United States)

I have had this now for about I would say 2 years when I was told I had rosacea and lupus. Now a new dermatologist tells me no it's dermographism, It affects my face when I use creams or make up or if I go out in the sun my face swells. I was just put on antihistamines two weeks ago. It doesn't seem to help yet. Can you tell me how long it will take and if I should be on a good diet - free from wheat milk nuts and eggs? Please, I really need help as I do not want to relive some of the pain and redness.

Dermatographism Diagnosis – Not Scabies

by Dan (United States)

When I was 17, I started to itch all over (I am now 24 years old) and I couldn't sleep or work. I went to the doctors and was told I had scabies! I was given a cream that had insecticide in it and was told to put all over then wash off. It did nothing. I saw a different doctor who told me I didn’t have scabies but I had urticaria. I could draw on my skin using my finger and it would come up as red raised lines.

After years of trying to sort it out, the dermatographism diagnosis was finally made and I was told that I had pressure urticaria but I think that’s wrong. I take Cetirizine once a day and it keeps the itching to a minimum but I know it is there and I’m always hot. I do not get a rash but if I don’t take the antihistamine I itch all over. Also every now and again my ear lobes really itch. I hate this horrible condition. Has anybody else experienced it like I have? Cheers.

Dermographism Misdiagnosed as Sensitive Skin Condition

by Anonymous (Canada)

I am 12 years old and I have had dermographism since I was six. Actually never mind, I think it started when I was five years old but my doctor kept saying it was sensitive skin. It was so weird my cousins and brother would write on my skin and watch it welt up and anytime I got cold or itchy, huge button-like welts would appear on my skin (not sure how to describe it). When I am in the gym and I fall or a dodge ball hits me, my skin gets all welted because of this and everyone thinks I am weird because of it.

I really feel out of place with dermographism. It feels really weird when someone draws something on my skin, I pass my hand over it and it is all weird and stuff. I am really glad to know that I am not the only person with dermographism because I thought I was the only one. I am glad to know I am not.

Self Dermatographism Diagnosis

by Gloria Rodriguez Vega (Tucson, AZ)

I am 19 now and I just found out I have dermatographism because I had a report to do in my biology class and I chose to try and find out what was "wrong" with me.

Since I was born, my mom and I have been trying to find out what these skin welts were and after seeing doctor after doctor I had no answer. So, at about the age of 10, I chose to give up looking for what it was until I had to do the school report. I found dermatographism online and immediately made an appointment to see my family doctor. When I told her about my dermatographism diagnosis findings she was shocked that I had diagnosed myself and she agreed that it was dermatographism and that was all.

Now I seem to be having a lot more flare ups to the point where working is difficult because people stare and it is getting really frustrating. I am wondering if I will ever get over it. I have tried Benadryl antihistamines and noni juice but nothing works for me.

By Anonymous:
Try using trisalts along with an antihistamine and watch your diet.

Dermatographism Diagnosis - Skin Condition Tongue Depressor Test 

by Forest (USA)

My name is Forest and I am 13 years old. When I was 11, I noticed welts rising on my skin. I became alarmed, but didn't go to my parents. Instead, I did research on my own and waited until my next doctor's appointment. I asked my mom to leave and told my doctor about what was happening. He confirmed that I was right on the dermographism. To further investigate, he performed a dermatographism diagnosis by taking a tongue depressor and writing 'skin condition' on my back, arm, and neck. Sure enough, 5 minutes later, I had those same words rise up from my skin.

That was 2 years ago and I still have this condition. I have to say that it is HORRIBLE!! No one understands what it is or why I have it. My parents believe it is just allergies (seasonal), the type that can be solved by taking regular allergy medication (which happens to make it worse). I am hoping/praying something will come up that will stop it all soon.

Finally a Dermatographism Diagnosis

by Gloria (United States)

I have been tested a lot when I was young because I wasn’t able to do daily things. I would cry because this hives condition bothered me so much. No one knew what it was and even the doctor I went to would see it and say they had no clue what it was but that they would call if anything popped up. They pretty much all thought I was crazy.

I gave up trying to figure out what was "wrong" with me by the age of 7, but now I am 18 and going to Pima College. I have to do an oral report for my biology class on something that interests us, so I chose to give it one more try to see what I have and I came upon dermatographism. I feel a sense of relief now because I can put a name on what I have and I can educate more people on it so maybe there will be a cure. With the information available on the internet I was able to perform my own dermatographism diagnosis.

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