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Hives Skin Condition and Hydroxyzine

I have had dermographism hives skin condition for about 10 years now and the only thing that works for me is taking Hydroxyzine 25mg about every 3 days or so. When I start to feel the itching I take one and after about 10 minutes or so it all goes away. If I was ever left in a place were I did not have access to my meds, I am not sure how I would make it because the itching is so bad I can feel it on my eyelids, my tongue, the roof of my mouth, and pretty much all over my body. I am not sure how I got dermographism or what caused it in the first place. All I know is it is pain to live with.

Scot – April 24, 2009

Looking for Dermatographism Hives Cure

My son is 9 years old and he has had dermatographism hives skin condition since he was about five. I have had so many allergy tests done on him and we have come up with nothing. We tried every medicine, spent lots of money, we have changed soaps, not used dryer sheets, got rid of cats and he still breaks out. The hives do not seem to itch as bad now as what they used to but if he gets one scratch he welts up for at least an hour.

This hives skin condition is starting to bother him now at school because everyone wants to know why his face gets all welted and red if someone scratches him or a ball hits him or if he starts getting hot. The only things that I have found that work the best for him is I give him 1 pill of a generic brand of Benadryl before school. It doesn't seem to make him sleepy, it doesn't stop the hives completely from appearing, but it does help. Also if he takes a cool shower he feels better. I have seen that summer is the worst. He wants to find something to cure this hives skin condition. He says that it is awful.

Tammy – April 21, 2009

Diagnosing Hives Skin Problem

I am a 29 year old female with three children and I have been searching for an answer to my hives skin condition for so long. I cannot afford insurance, so I haven't been able to go to a doctor, but I have gone to the emergency room, only to be told that it was all in my head even though I knew it wasn't.

Welts would appear on my skin, at random times I thought, but not realizing that they were either forming from my scratching, or playing around with my children, and even from the creases in my sheets. Over the last six months this has continued to get worse, to the point where all I can do is just stand in the shower and cry and wait for the welts to disappear.

I am glad I know what is going on now. Thank you for taking the time to put up this healthy skin care site. Now I just have to find ways to relieve the itching. Two years of this is enough. Thank You!

Katrina – April 19, 2009

Total Body Affected by Hives

I am 77, a widower, and I've had this hives skin condition for five or six years and chronic pain and, at times, chronic fatigue. The best treatment is wrapping the inflamed area in ice. I can melt 20 ice cubes in 40 minutes. My total body is impacted by hives. That means my digestive tract, my joints, my muscles and pulmonary system. My hands, head and shoulders are most often affected.

Pulmonary feels like angina. Bowel lock ups happen weekly. The urge to purge happens without notice. I can purge seven normal stools in an hour. I think I am through but, instantly another uncontrollable stool happens -- I mess the commode, the floor and myself. I can't run fast enough to get to the bathroom on time.

When urticaria is in remission, I feel terrific -- almost too good. During attacks I can stand in 58 degree lake water and feel great. The best treatment for stopping inflammation is repeated ice cube treatments. I have seen five doctors and taken many prescription drugs. I have done prednisone step down therapy 3 or 4 times. Raw aloe vera works well to get rid of inflammation. Sombra helps for awhile. The hives are sometimes activated by contact. I have been in the ER because of hives attacks on my voice box or throat area. I carry an Epipen with me. If Angina strikes my head, gravity will pull it down through my body. Inflammation causes swelling and terrible itching. One doctor told me that I wouldn't die from hives but there would be times when I wished I could die.

I am reluctant to fly because of stool problems. My social life and my business life are negatively impacted. My allergist says I am in the top 5% of difficult cases in which they are involved. My pharmacist refused to fill his prescriptions and the insurance company refused to pay for them. He became very angry and he and I both wrote appeal letters to the insurance company. They have allowed the increased drug treatment for a period of one year.

I have shared this information in hopes that others, too, can come forward and help us all get cured from this painful and chronic disease. I was originally false diagnosed and treated for Urticarial Vasculities. I've seen 5 doctors in total -- mostly dermatologists and family doctors before a dermatologist referred me to an allergist. Can you give me any suggestions? I hope so!

Oh yes, I am getting ready to try a mixture of cornstarch and vinegar or cider for a paste to put over the impacted area at the recommendation of a pharmacist.

Carl – April 19, 2009

Hives and Makeup or Hair Products Use

I began having this hives skin condition in January of 2009 and it is a horrible thing. I feel like I am itching all of the time and anything that I put on my skin drives me crazy! I can't wear makeup or even use hair products to do my hair at this time because it is so bad. If I scratch myself even with the lightest touch it leaves marks and people stare at me like I am weird. This is the most horrible thing I have ever had and has made my life very expensive at times with the special things that I have to use just to keep this hives skin condition under control.

Tanya – April 16, 2009

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