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Sitemap 2 – Skin Diseases and Other Skin Problems

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Ingrown Hair 
Ingrown hair is generally caused by shaving and can lead to a skin rash of pimples. Some of the pimples can be quite painful. More information is at the link below. 

Ingrown Hair Problem 

Chicken Pox 
This is a skin problem that not only can affect children but can also affect adults. Information on symptoms and treatments is provided. 

Chicken Pox and Adult Chicken Pox 
Chicken Pox Symptoms 
Chicken Pox Treatments 

This skin condition is also known as the skin writing disease. The links below provide an abundance of information on this skin care problem. 

Dermatographism Symptoms 
Dermatographism Causes 
Dermatographism Treatments 
Noni Juice – All Natural Treatment 
Natural Antihistamines Treatment 
Dermatographism or Dermographism Diary 
Dermatographism and Hives – Reader’s Blog 

Eczema Skin Problem 
Eczema is a common skin problem affecting many individuals and provides information on this skin condition. 

Eczema Types and Causes 
Eczema Cure and Treatments 

Impetigo Skin Disease 
Information on this skin infection problem can be found at the links below. 

Impetigo Treatment 

Psoriasis Skin Care Problem 
In this part of the website you will find information on psoriasis causes, psoriasis symptoms, and treatments for this skin care problem. 

Psoriasis Symptoms 
Psoriasis Cause 
Psoriasis Treatment 

Scabies Skin Problem 
This section examines the skin problem of scabies. Treatment and symptom information is provided. 

Scabies Symptoms 
Scabies Treatments 

Types of Skin Rashes 
Skin rashes affect everyone at some point in their lives. A large section of the website is dedicated to providing information on skin rashes. 

Diagnose My Skin Rash 
Strep Rash – Strep Throat Rash 
Syphillis Rash – STD Rash 
Lyme Disease Rash 
Lupus Rash 
Stress Rash 
Prickly Heat Rash 
Poison Ivy Rash – Poison Sumac Rash 
Penicillin Rash – Antibiotics Rash 
Lamictal Drug Rash 
Swimming Pool Rash 
Nair Rash on Shins and Body 
Niacin Skin Rash 
Food Allergy Rash 
HIV Rash 
Dry Skin Rash 
Ringworm Rash 
Tinea Pedis or Athletes Foot Rash 
Tinea Versicolor or Skin Discoloration Rash 
Cellulitis Infection Skin Rash 
Pityriasis Rosea Skin Rash 

Insect Bites or Bug Bites and Stings
An often overlooked skin problem is the effect that insect bites and stings have on the skin. Information on a variety of bug bites and stings are provided below. 

Bug Bite or Insect Bite Treatment 
Mosquito Bite Treatment 
Bed Bug Bite 
Sand Flea Bite 
Wasp Sting 
Bee Stings 
Bee Sting Symptoms 
Bee Sting Treatment 
Fire Ant Bite 
Spider Bite Symptoms 
Spider Bite Treatment 
Chigger Bite 

Other Skin Problems 

Other Skin Problems 
Dandruff Causes and Treatments 
Bowens Disease 
Skin Burn Treatment 

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